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HUAWEI P9 X Kristian Dowling | REINVENT SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Huawei TV ad • Huawei advert • P9 X Kristian Dowling | REINVENT SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY • Huawei P9 X Kristian Dowling | REINVENT SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY TV ad • Kristian Dowling has been one of the top global celebrity-entertainment photographers for the past 13 years. Best known for his flexibility and understanding of light, he has earned a reputation of being a master photographer that can deliver amazing results in a variety of challenging situations without the use of photo manipulation. Kristian is also a Leica Ambassador, specifically for the world's first professional Mirrorless Camera and now Huawei Australia Ambassador of the Huawei P9 Co-engineered with Leica.

0:00 my name is Christian darling I'm a photographer like ambassador and user of
0:04 lack of cameras for the past 21 years when i first heard about the YP 9
0:09 I was extremely interested in like his involvement and was keen to see what the
0:12 peanut has to offer
0:14 the Germans module has capabilities to give us a glimpse into what will be
0:17 possible with next-generation photography now in playback mode you
0:22 also have the capability of refocusing wherever you like in the frame as well
0:27 as choosing the aperture and dip the field look you would like to mimic will
0:31 switch to pro mode files recorded in roared eng and jpeg format and provide
0:37 the user with images of the highest quality I've ever experienced from a
0:41 smartphone camera with its like a signature wide aperture effect
0:45 monochrome camera and Rolfe are recording it is elevated smartphone
0:49 photography to the next level
0:51 this device is more than just another smartphone the p 9 is reinventing
0:56 smartphone photography

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HUAWEI Spot 2016

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