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Hungry Jacks The Pack That Scares Gulls TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jack's TV ad • Hungry Jack's advert • The Pack That Scares Gulls • Hungry Jack's The Pack That Scares Gulls TV ad • Tired of seagulls stealing your chips?
So are we.
That’s why we created The Pack That Scares Gulls, the last line of defence against pesky chip-thieving seagulls.

0:00 see girls just when you thought your chips would never be safe from those
0:03 pins amount she predicted feather reptiles hungry jack's had a
0:07 breakthrough
0:08 introducing the path that scares girls printed on holographic paper the
0:13 glittering surface reflects light and protects our new thick cut chips
0:17 released in gaol invested areas around the country
0:20 finally Ozzy's can enjoy their thick cut chips in pace the pack that scares girls
0:26 impeccable packs for irresistible chips

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Hungry Jacks TV Ad 2016
Hungry Jacks Spot 2016

Hungry JacksThe Pack That Scares Gulls Commercial

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