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IGA tvc ad, Price Match Promise

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Release Date: Jul-2016
IGA TV ad • IGA advert • Price Match Promise • IGA Price Match Promise TV ad • We Checked. We Matched. You Win.

0:00 deep down we all know that when you're shopping dependent it's better for the
0:03 community and Australia but IG is just your local independent hundreds of
0:08 Independence all around the country when I stick together using the ability to
0:11 match the big guys prices on hundreds of everyday products
0:14 that's the price match promise where I THX and matches the big supermarkets
0:19 you don't have to do with think it's only account i ji just stronger as one
0:25 they better value was one
0:27 yeah


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IGA Price Match Promise commercial 2016

IGAPrice Match Promise  Commercial

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