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AustralianSuper Meet Ala Moana Center TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
AustralianSuper TV ad • AustralianSuper advert • Meet Ala Moana Center • AustralianSuper Meet Ala Moana Center TV ad • The newest investment for AustralianSuper members.
Watch the video to find out why we believe it is one of the world’s best investments.

0:00 Meet Ala Moana Center.
0:02 The newest investment for Australian Super members.
0:06 Minutes from stunning Waikiki Beach,
0:08 Ala Moana Center
0:09 is a tourist destination in its own right.
0:12 It's the:
0:14 And the:
0:17 Thanks to our $1.1 billion investment,
0:20 Australian Super members now own 25%
0:22 of Ala Moana Center.
0:24 So this global shopper's paradise
0:26 is helping grow the savings of everyday Australians.
0:28 Giving members access to another exciting investment
0:31 that might otherwise be out of reach.


AustralianSuper TV Ad 2016
AustralianSuper Spot 2016

AustralianSuperMeet Ala Moana Center Commercial

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