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Holden Colorado. It's Unbeaten TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Oct-2016
Holden TV ad • Holden advert • Colorado. It's Unbeaten • Holden Colorado. It's Unbeaten TV ad • There’s a new Holden Colorado in town. It’s still tough and rugged with unbeaten 3-and-a-half tonne towing and 500 Newton meters of torque. But now it’s smooth with a new torque converter ensuring the Duramax diesel engine is quieter and more efficient. And it’s refined with electronic power steering and a redesigned interior. The New Holden Colorado – It’s Unbeaten.

0:17 the new colorado $YEAR was in town still
0:20 with unbeaten tree and a half ton towing
0:22 now with unbeaten comfort untick new
0:25 holden colorado its unbeaten

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Holden TV Ad 2016
Holden Spot 2016

HoldenColorado. It's Unbeaten Commercial

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