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Tefal High Pressure Steam Generators TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Oct-2016
Tefal TV ad • Tefal advert • High Pressure Steam Generators • Tefal High Pressure Steam Generators TV ad • Need real steam power? Tefal's steam generators produce powerful steam bursts thanks to high pressure boilers within the tank of the product.

0:00 need real steam power because not every
0:08 steam station is as good as another
0:09 choose teams high-pressure station
0:11 penetrating steam next to the boiler
0:14 powered by professional technology for
0:16 quick and perfect dainese ideas can't
0:19 live without


Tefal TV Ad 2016
Tefal Spot 2016

TefalHigh Pressure Steam Generators Commercial

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