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Guide Dogs Giving Independence TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs TV ad • Guide Dogs advert • Giving Independence • Guide Dogs Giving Independence TV ad • This Guide Dogs TV commercial shows the difference a Guide Dog can make in helping someone who is blind or vision impaired stay independent and mobile.

he was losing his independence and that was really devastating with tiller and a
GPS guard dogs are provided it means that i can actually go places that I
haven't seen before
if I didn't have a dog urban feel confident i think i might end up
somewhere in the kids will get hurt but with the dog I trust her so much that I
just here with the kids to help us to help people who are blind or vision
impaired visit guide dogs dot-com day you she's a part of me


Guide Dogs TV Ad 2016
Guide Dogs Spot 2016

Guide DogsGiving Independence Commercial

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Guide Dogs Giving Independence
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