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Release Date: 2016-09-21
Jaguar TV ad • Jaguar advert • F-TYPE - Kris Smith Behind The Wheel • Jaguar F-TYPE - Kris Smith Behind The Wheel TV ad • I quickly understood what this car is capable of. See Jaguar ambassador Kris Smith take on the race track in the exhilarating F-TYPE R, our iconic sports car.

0:00 I love driving i just love being behind the wheel
0:04 there's something that really makes me feeling controlled and very easy jugular
0:09 for me growing up was always the cat was so prestigious so exciting so awful
0:15 level
0:17 first experiences in SF time I felt actually overpower the amount of
0:22 kilowatts and go through this thing is just massive for the car handles
0:25 incredible world once i got the first Yukoners out the way i quickly
0:29 understood displays capable you know the wrong side of beautiful
0:33 I like


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JaguarF-TYPE - Kris Smith Behind The Wheel tvc
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