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Release Date: 2016-09-14
Weet-Bix TV ad • Weet-Bix advert • GO - grab the morning and go • Weet-Bix GO - grab the morning and go TV ad • Made with real Weet-Bix and very high in wholegrains, Weet-Bix GO not only tastes great, but fits into your busy life. It has also achieved a health star rating between 3-3.5 stars across the range.

Available in the cereal aisle in 6 delicious flavours - Banana & Honey Crumble Flavour, Vanilla Macadamia Flavour, Wild Berry Burst, Apple Cinnamon Twist, Honey & Oat Crunch, and Apricot & Coconut Flavour Fusion - pick up some Weet-Bix GO and enjoy these breakfast biscuits on the GO.

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Weet-Bix tv advertising
Weet-Bix tv Commercial

Weet-BixGO - grab the morning and go tvc
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