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ŠKODA Octavia Performance TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
ŠKODA TV ad • ŠKODA advert • Octavia Performance • ŠKODA Octavia Performance TV ad •
0:14 i'm at 25 husband's not in real life in car commercials and I can guarantee
0:20 husband 26 will give the same look at the last 25 have write about
0:31 why do they all do it they're compensating for something
0:35 not the actives the car covers they're relying on his performance to sell you
0:40 on their cars performance or should I say lack of it it's okay you don't have
0:46 to do them
0:48 eliska


ŠKODA TV Ad 2016
ŠKODA Spot 2016

ŠKODAOctavia Performance Commercial

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