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Apple iPhone 7 - Design TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Apple TV ad • Apple advert • iPhone 7 - Design • Apple iPhone 7 - Design TV ad • To design iPhone 7, we re-examined and refined every element. Achieving its beautiful, high-gloss black finish even required a new process.

0:05 we have created a product that is the most deliberate evolution of our
0:13 original founding design an aluminium body and form sheet of glass describe a
0:22 singular shape one made with very few very precisely engineered parts our
0:32 obsession remains to continuously simplify and improve from sculpting the
0:40 camera housing directly out of the aluminium body to embed ding the antenna
0:44 within the enclosure essentially making it disappear
0:49 each refinement serves to bring absolute unity and efficiency to the design
0:59 to define one truly an interrupted form we've developed a whole new process to
1:07 achieve a high gloss black finish this begins with rotational 3d polishing ball
1:15 specialized compound flows over the intricate geometries of the housing
1:20 removing imperfections establishing seamlessness between materials and
1:26 producing a pristine mirror-like surface enclosure then goes through anodization
1:34 process which creates a protective oxide layer a single-component die is absorbed
1:42 through a capillary effect to ensure maximum saturation while actually
1:47 becoming part of the surface itself
1:52 finally a magnetized ultrafine iron particle path is used to polish me
1:59 anodized layer to a superior shine
2:03 when complete iphone 7 is the most singular the most fault representation
2:12 of this design

Apple TV Ad 2016
Apple Spot 2016

AppleiPhone 7 - Design Commercial

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