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Apple tvc ad, Introducing iPhone 7

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Release Date: Sep-2016
Apple TV ad • Apple advert • Introducing iPhone 7 • Apple Introducing iPhone 7 TV ad • With new camera systems, stereo speakers and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.

0:00 this is iphone 7 it makes all the things you do with your iphone better faster
0:15 and more powerful to know finishes black and check black highlight it seamless
0:22 design a new camera capture shots you never could before
0:27 that's because its larger f 1.8 aperture new sensor and six element lens enabled
0:35 brighter more detailed photos and videos and optical image stabilization allows
0:41 for a longer exposure to get even better images and low-light the apple-designed
0:52 image signal processor analyzes every shot to automatically deliver the very
0:58 best results and the quad led true tone flash illuminates brighter and farther
1:04 iphone 7 plus also features a telephoto camera two camera operators one giving
1:12 you 2 times optical zoom and high quality imagery when you zoom even
1:16 farther the new retina HD display with a cinema standard wide color gamut is the
1:22 best and brightest ever on an iphone
1:26 it's also the first iphone with a stereo speaker system delivering a powerful
1:31 immersive audio experience the enclosure has been entirely re-engineered make
1:39 this the first water-resistant iphone it's driven by the a-10 fusion ship the
1:45 most powerful chip ever in a smartphone high performance and high-efficiency
1:50 course let you do the majority of your tasks at fraction of the power giving
1:55 you the longest battery life of any iphone iphone 7 makes the things you do
2:02 most even better it's the best iphone we've ever made


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Apple Introducing iPhone 7 commercial 2016

AppleIntroducing iPhone 7 Commercial

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