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Apple Health – Everything’s Connected TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Apple TV ad • Apple advert • Health – Everything’s Connected • Apple Health – Everything’s Connected TV ad • Small steps become healthy habits when you see how they connect.

0:00 staying healthy it can feel complicated truth is making small changes in four
0:07 key areas can make a difference just move a little more eat a little better
0:13 sleep tighter and take a moment to calm your mind
0:21 everything's connected new movement you sent a few less stressed if you sleep
0:29 better
0:30 you tend to eat better one could change leads to another and another
0:37 pretty soon healthy decisions start feeling better than unhealthy ones check
0:44 in to see how you're doing and track your progress over time when you know
0:51 your health better
0:53 you know yourself better simple really


Apple TV Ad 2016
Apple Spot 2016

AppleHealth – Everything’s Connected Commercial

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