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Release Date: 2016-09-05
Volkswagen TV ad • Volkswagen advert • My VW Story - The Peoples • Volkswagen My VW Story - The Peoples TV ad • Hundreds of Kiwi's shared their photos, road trips, adventures, journeys and story's with us. Check out the new video made entirely by the drivers

0:00 thank you for inviting us up the coast for taking us out on the town to your
0:07 favorite look out to the snow to the making to mix a color thanks for letting
0:13 us join you on your bigger way of making us your trusted wing named Lydia has
0:19 helped out on the job
0:20 thanks for the Huks those quiet moments for letting us be there on the big day
0:26 for the Sun sets the roadies and the reunions thanks for taking us with you


Volkswagen tv advertising
Volkswagen tv Commercial

VolkswagenMy VW Story - The Peoples tvc
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