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City of Holdfast bay tvc ad, Say September

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Release Date: Sep-2016
City of Holdfast bay
City of Holdfast bay TV ad • City of Holdfast bay advert • Say September • City of Holdfast bay Say September TV ad • 0:00 there's lots to love about our place it's evolved over time as people have
0:07 made plans adapted to change and decided what to build what to keep and what to
0:14 update so what will our place look and feel like in the future in 10 years time
0:20 what we plan how we adapt to change what we decided to build a key or update what
0:31 facilities will we need and what services would like how can you shape
0:37 the future of your neighborhood tell her in September the city of whole first
0:45 place inviting you to share your view on how we see our future and how we shake
0:49 our place
0:50 join us in developing a strategic view for our place it's your future
0:56 share your view



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City of Holdfast bay Say September commercial 2016

City of Holdfast baySay September Commercial

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City of Holdfast bay Say September
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