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OPSM Style Is Why TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
OPSM TV ad • OPSM advert • Style Is Why • OPSM Style Is Why TV ad • Glasses do more than correct your vision, they help express your individual style and self. Find YOUR style at OPSM. #StyleIsWhy #OPSM

0:00 I think style is inseparable from voice on voice is different than echo if you
0:08 just have echoed superficial demeanor you have a voice and style it's an
0:13 orientation it has to do with comportment is how you comport yourself
0:17 is how you move through space and time to rid of them is the tempo style
0:25 substance go hand-in-hand
0:28 I don't think there's such thing as style without substance unsettled minds
0:32 touch souls try to set people on fire
0:38 the only find your voice by coming to terms with who you are you have to
0:43 muster the courage to be pure unadulterated courage to find out who
0:49 you really are
0:53 find your voice then you get your style


OPSM TV Ad 2016
OPSM Spot 2016

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OPSM Style Is Why
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