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Bank Australia Can art change the world? TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Bank Australia
Bank Australia TV ad • Bank Australia advert • Can art change the world? • Bank Australia Can art change the world? TV ad • 0:02 and film can have such an incredible impact on social change has changed
0:07 definitely absolutely to our hearts content
0:10 yeah it just gets people thinking a lot of what we see in the world through the
0:14 eyes but that's it can cause people to think about issues that they probably
0:19 would not have thought about just from a single painting your photograph art is a
0:23 way of connecting with people on a completely different level


Bank Australia TV Ad 2016
Bank Australia Spot 2016

Bank AustraliaCan art change the world? Commercial

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Bank Australia Can art change the world?
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