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Dettol Glen 20 Max Cover Eulogy TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Dettol TV ad • Dettol advert • Glen 20 Max Cover Eulogy • Dettol Glen 20 Max Cover Eulogy TV ad •
0:06 thank you all for being here Rocco was an amazing husband father and
0:11 microorganism we met on a call I harmony three seasons ago I love went viral on
0:19 social media
0:20 his death was quite a shock sure Daryl Glenn 20 has been a germ killer for
0:25 decades but this room max cover can blanket an entire king-size bed really
0:30 quickly

#Dettol #giveaway #handfie #grocery #AbanCommercials

Dettol TV Ad 2016
Dettol Spot 2016

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