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Head & Shoulders Up to 100% flake-free & beautiful hair TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders TV ad • Head & Shoulders advert • Up to 100% flake-free & beautiful hair • Head & Shoulders Up to 100% flake-free & beautiful hair TV ad • Our toughest critics tried NEW Head & Shoulders and were surprised by the results. NEW Head & Shoulders cleanses, protects and moisturises for up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair.

0:04 didn't show I thought it was just for like dandruff this life in it the stuff
0:10 going on and love it
0:12 oh it's just a smooth this is so breathe when you head and shoulders cleanses
0:16 projects and moisturizes to get up to one hundred percent flag free and
0:21 unbelievably beautiful have you seen commercials and you don't want to
0:24 believe it but this is real people
0:27 the world's number one shampoo is not even better

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Head & Shoulders TV Ad 2016
Head & Shoulders Spot 2016

Head & ShouldersUp to 100% flake-free & beautiful hair Commercial

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