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IBM Victoria Stilwell + IBM Watson on Pet Health TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Victoria Stilwell + IBM Watson on Pet Health • IBM Victoria Stilwell + IBM Watson on Pet Health TV ad • IBM Watson is working with veterinarians to help improve pet health. An intelligent decision support tool powered by Watson assists veterinarians in making quick decisions by processing natural language and enabling interactions that are more aligned with how humans think and interact.

0:00 victoria Stilwell you appear on TV working with canines you don't level
0:05 Watson i do not own a dog but I work with veterinarians how do you do that
0:10 I help them analyzed over 100,000 pages of medical studies
0:14 that's great because they can't exactly tell us what's wrong with him
0:17 isn't that right Roscoe Roscoe who is a good boy who is a good boy you are yes
0:23 you are
0:25 what's and I think you need to work on your dope voice


IBM TV Ad 2016
IBM Spot 2016

IBMVictoria Stilwell + IBM Watson on Pet Health Commercial

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