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IBM Tavi Gevinson + IBM Watson on Trendspotting TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Tavi Gevinson + IBM Watson on Trendspotting • IBM Tavi Gevinson + IBM Watson on Trendspotting TV ad • Teenage trendsetter and blogger, Tavi Gevinson, talks to IBM Watson about Watson's ability to absorb social media content to spot, predict and analyze trends in pop culture. IBM Watson helps outthink trends.

0:00 tavi Gevinson trendsetter tastemaker and teenager Watson it sound like a fan
0:06 millions look to you for advice i know i can't believe it i am learning to
0:10 analyze social media to spot trends and predict demand something we spend a lot
0:15 of time online i constantly absorb online content to follow shifts in pop
0:20 culture so you're learning to think like a teenager
0:23 yes how am i doing well


IBM TV Ad 2016
IBM Spot 2016

IBMTavi Gevinson + IBM Watson on Trendspotting Commercial

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