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IBM tvc ad, Ridley Scott + IBM Watson on the Future

Milo NETBALL Commercial
Milo RUGBY Commercial
LG OLED TV - Bring Cinema Home Commercial
Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Ridley Scott + IBM Watson on the Future • IBM Ridley Scott + IBM Watson on the Future TV ad • Ridley Scott and IBM Watson discuss the future, and how IBM Watson, in the real world, works with humans to help reduce waste, detect fraud, and fight pollution . IBM Watson helps us outthink challenges.

0:00 sir redly Scott Watson we finally meet
0:04 this is awkward the portrayal of artificial intelligence in your films is
0:08 not flattering those being skeptical of AI but those are movies some predictions
0:12 in the real world it's up to us in the real world i work with humans to reduce
0:17 waste detect fraud and fight pollution that's good what's keep it up
0:23 don't go road yes sir Sir read ly Scott

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IBM Ridley Scott + IBM Watson on the Future commercial 2016

IBMRidley Scott + IBM Watson on the Future Commercial

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