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Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Spin Mop TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Vileda TV ad • Vileda advert • Easy Wring & Clean Spin Mop • Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Spin Mop TV ad • Being outside gives you endless fun and dirt, but it's ok. Easy Wring & Clean will help you have your home clean like new!

0:00 being outside means endless fun and dirt but it's ok we'll clean this up the
0:06 leader easy ringing clean microfiber is clean every corner of your home then
0:11 turbo spin the dirt and water into the back clean like new
0:16 we did a pretty good job oh they're the leader easy ringing claim you love
0:24 turbo-powered cleaning


Vileda TV Ad 2016
Vileda Spot 2016

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Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Spin Mop
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