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IBM tvc ad, Watson on Language + Bob Dylan

Land Rover All-New Discovery: Road Trip For A Reason Commercial
Target Australia Make a play date Commercial
Godfreys Extended Stocktake Sale Commercial
Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Watson on Language + Bob Dylan • IBM Watson on Language + Bob Dylan TV ad • IBM Watson analyzes Bob Dylan's lyrics and shows that his major themes are love and time. IBM Watson can help you outthink the limits of creativity.

0:00 Bob Dylan to improve my language skills I've read all your lyrics you get all
0:05 the lyrics i can reach 800 million pages per second it's fast my analysis shows
0:11 your major themes are that time passes and love fades that sounds about right
0:16 I have never known love new should write a song together
0:19 I can sing you can sing do bebop bebop ado dooby dooby doo doo doo doo bee Doo


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IBM Watson on Language + Bob Dylan commercial 2016

IBMWatson on Language + Bob Dylan Commercial

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