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IBM Watson on Life Experience + Annabelle TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Watson on Life Experience + Annabelle • IBM Watson on Life Experience + Annabelle TV ad • IBM Watson is helping doctors identify cancer treatments to outthink cancer, one patient at a time

0:00 hi Annabelle your birthday is tomorrow I'm taking seven
0:06 what did you ask for a fantastic an account you like things that begin with
0:10 p
0:10 I like being frosting too will you have a cake yeah i was just take the data
0:16 your doctor shared shows your healthy eye doctor
0:19 no I help doctors identified cancer treatments want to be I can help with
0:24 that too
0:26 what's it like


IBM TV Ad 2016
IBM Spot 2016

IBMWatson on Life Experience + Annabelle  Commercial

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