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IBM tvc ad, Watson on Cognitive Forecasting + Alpha Modus

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Release Date: Aug-2016
IBM TV ad • IBM advert • Watson on Cognitive Forecasting + Alpha Modus • IBM Watson on Cognitive Forecasting + Alpha Modus TV ad • Prashant Bhuyan, co-founder of the successful fin-tech start-up Alpha Modus, and IBM Watson discuss how Watson analytics has helped Alpha Modus improve their predictive accuracy by over 500%. IBM Watson helps investors outthink uncertainty.

0:00 hello Sean bhuyan co-founder of FinTech services start up Watson your analysis
0:07 of social media and conversations on various trading floors helps us uncover
0:11 insights insights that help investors predict market closes well before
0:16 markets closed you know your analysis has helped us improve our predictive
0:19 accuracy by over five hundred percent 550 point2 to be precise but we can
0:24 always do better i like your attitude Watson


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IBM Watson on Cognitive Forecasting + Alpha Modus commercial 2016

IBMWatson on Cognitive Forecasting + Alpha Modus Commercial

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