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nab Footballer Michelle Heyman is breaking down barriers TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
nab TV ad • nab advert • Footballer Michelle Heyman is breaking down barriers • nab Footballer Michelle Heyman is breaking down barriers TV ad • As one of Westfield W-League’s most prolific all-time goal scorers and a member of the Westfield Matilda’s football team, Michelle Hayman is breaking down barriers for athletes on and off the field.
She’s focused on being the kind of role model that encourages others to be who they are and achieve their best. So is NAB. That’s why we’re proud sponsors of the Australian women’s national team as well as Midsumma Festival - Melbourne’s annual Queer Celebration.

0:03 Being a gay athlete was easy for me
0:07 I wanted to be that person to be like it's okay to be who you are and to be
0:10 comfortable with who you are, to be a role model for that and for parents to
0:14 accept me and the kids to look up to me still knowing that i'm a gay athlete is
0:18 incredible
0:21 success is just
0:22 it's just, yeah, the love of the game like no matter winning or losing
0:26 well, I hate losing but no matter what I get to put on the green and gold jersey and
0:30 play for my country and for me to put on that jersey to run out there in
0:34 front of that crowd and play for my family and my hometown is just it's
0:39 surreal actually
0:41 being a female athlete is always going to be difficult
0:44 it's usually a man's world and we're breaking that down which is an amazing
0:48 feeling and we do everything the same as the men's team but still we get
0:53 classified different
0:55 my goal is to just be the best female football player in Australia


nab TV Ad 2016
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nabFootballer Michelle Heyman is breaking down barriers Commercial

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