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nab Mini Legends - Mini Max Gawns TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
NAB TV ad • NAB advert • Mini Legends - Mini Max Gawns • NAB Mini Legends - Mini Max Gawns TV ad • We're committed to not just sponsoring the game, but growing it. Watch Max Gawn meet a group of his NAB Mini Legends when he ran a recent Auskick clinic.

0:00 village of your trip we added channels open that Frank went and got to get
0:07 let's fucking game man was quickly starts car outside on the inside you'll
0:29 start somewhere side remember really dies down in like Warren really really
0:33 cold I'm the Norns 40 where mom and dad's don't really want to be there at
0:36 $TIME a.m. but there that's something that's grassroots 40 and that's what you
0:38 love about 40 and hopefully goes from there I scribe this is what all I'm
0:43 doing is keeping a pretty sure he was all this and our meetings in our whites
0:46 you could just keep it for you all right like a girl thing have a girlfriend or
0:51 do have a girlfriend you know
0:53 come on i do that be that thanks to work alright that's all morning goodnight
0:58 enemies
0:58 there you go my favorite player was a Clinton king who was actually a 16-play
1:05 for richmond Collingwood's I wasn't a big night but I grew my hair long as he
1:08 grew his hair long so that's what I remember from our guys


nab TV Ad 2016
nab Spot 2016

nabMini Legends - Mini Max Gawns Commercial

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