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UGG Hailey Baldwin - Classic Street TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
UGG TV ad • UGG advert • Hailey Baldwin - Classic Street • UGG Hailey Baldwin - Classic Street TV ad • When she's not on set or jet setting the globe, model and Hollywood heiress Hailey Baldwin is likely hanging with her crew in NYC or her favorite home away from home–LA, California. Hailey's relaxed, cool fashion sensibility perfectly captures the spirit of Classic Street. Needless to say, when asked to celebrate the new collection on the sunny beaches of CA–where the original icon first came on the scene–she was game.

0:00 you guys really Baldwin i'm here on set with and I'm excited to introduce you to
0:09 the new classic street watch
0:19 it was a very big trend amongst young people in my friends that I don't know
0:24 if I really remember the first ever time that I got a pair of uggs but i remember
0:29 it was a very exciting experience because it is very cool and get macbooks
0:34 school
0:37 yeah
0:40 Street collections really cool because it's a little bit more wearable it's not
0:46 just for inside the house and lounging around it's actually something that you
0:49 want to be out with and incorporate as part of your everyday outfit
0:58 it's a wrap for me today


UGG TV Ad 2016
UGG Spot 2016

UGGHailey Baldwin - Classic Street Commercial

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