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Purina tvc ad, PRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Purina TV ad • Purina advert • PRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART • Purina PRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART TV ad • Your Puppy’s first year of life is critical for long-term health, so discover how to help strengthen his immunity with PRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART.

0:00 it's an exciting new world for your puppy
0:03 there's new things to touch and smell and even lick but amongst all the fun
0:07 things
0:08 there's also bacteria and viruses thankfully he's protected by the
0:12 colostrum found in his mother's milk which helps him well as immune system is
0:16 still developing but when he leaves his mother and joins your new home
0:19 it's important that his natural defenses remain supported Pro Plan puppy with
0:24 optus start does just this it contains colostrum and compounds that are proven
0:29 to support strong immune system and help protect your puppy from common
0:32 intestinal upsets and help support healthy joints for his active lifestyle
0:36 is formulated for daily dental care and keep them ready to conquer daily
0:40 challenges like learning exploring and doing things only puppies can do give
0:46 your puppy Pro Plan puppy with up to start it'll be the best possible start
0:51 for his amazing life


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Purina PRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART commercial 2016

PurinaPRO PLAN Puppy with OPTISTART Commercial

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