Release Date: 2020-01-09

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VIDEO AT&T 360 Virtual Reality Experience Short Form | It Can Wait TV commercial 2020 • Your Attention Please places the viewer at the center of a dramatic virtual reality experience about the causes and effects of distracted driving with real, personal and powerful stories. Stunning visuals, informed by staggering statistics about the cost of distracted driving, give viewers a fresh and compelling perspective on the subject.

Remember, please don’t drive distracted. To learn more about It Can Wait and to take the pledge to never drive distracted, go to

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00:03 [Music]
00:06 your attention please your attention
00:09 please
00:12 today's the at Racal experience will
00:14 take you through a number of scenes that
00:16 depict the very real dangers of
00:18 distracted driving let's begin welcome
00:26 to our stage take a second and look
00:28 around things should feel pretty
00:31 familiar the building's the cars the
00:34 sounds the world is already a busy place
00:37 full of distractions but looking at your
00:42 phone can be the most dangerous
00:43 distraction of them all
00:46 when you split your attention it becomes
00:49 harder to focus
00:49 [Music]
00:52 when you're behind the wheel things can
00:54 change quickly in fact in the amount of
01:05 time it took you to read that alert you
01:08 would have driven across an entire
01:09 football field blindfolded that's a
01:12 hundred yards in five seconds when
01:19 people drive distracted and things go
01:22 wrong the response is always the same I
01:24 didn't see it coming
01:33 on the road a few seconds can be the
01:36 difference between life and death
01:41 ending this problem is simple leave your
01:45 phone alone but we're not doing it
01:49 enough and real people are affected look
01:53 around to hear just a few real life
01:56 stories from some of those people he was
02:02 on 121 which now is an expressway but at
02:06 that time it was highway and Freeport
02:10 which crosses an 18-wheeler turned and
02:13 left on Freeport Travis was texting and
02:18 it's car number means the 18-wheeler
02:23 sure enough the top of this car it
02:27 landed in a ditch
02:35 well you know before his whole shutting
02:38 driving accident before when I was
02:40 driving you know I was that type let me
02:43 get this let me sneak this little text
02:44 in before I get to the red light let me
02:47 sneak this in before I do that so you
02:49 know um since then it's really changed
02:52 whether it's friends or family I'm not
02:55 yo put the phone up
02:56 don't don't text and drive stop
02:59 distracted driving because you know you
03:00 see I'm living proof of reality this is
03:05 what can happen and it can be worse that
03:12 text that email that like none of those
03:16 things are worth a life you are the
03:21 solution join the movement
03:24 take the AT&T; it can wait pledge to end
03:28 distracted driving
03:31 [Music] -

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