Release Date: 2020-01-23

About Asus Finding Inspiration to Create in 2020 ad

VIDEO Asus Finding Inspiration to Create in 2020 TV commercial 2020 • #ASUS #CreateWithASUS #TeamProArt
In this series of videos, digital artist Aaron Endicott showcase his workflow process and how the ASUS line of products specifically designed for content creators helped push the boundaries of his creativity.

00:00 why do you create
00:01 [Music]
00:08 throughout the last couple years I've
00:09 really been finding this reasoning out
00:11 for myself I've been finding the point
00:14 of why I do a lot of this why do I
00:16 create what makes creating something so
00:18 special to me
00:19 [Music]
00:24 seeing the transition throughout the
00:25 last decade going from just testing out
00:28 a few things in Photoshop and to making
00:30 that a career and then picking up my
00:32 first camera and starting live streams
00:34 and doing YouTube videos I recently had
00:36 a chance to reflect on all that and it
00:38 really brought up for reason why I
00:40 personally enjoy the creative
00:43 [Music]
00:48 on one side I enjoy to challenge myself
00:50 I love pushing the envelope on things
00:53 what could I do what can I learn what's
00:55 next for me and my abilities I think
00:58 mentally being able to creatively
00:59 challenge yourself just makes you grow
01:01 as a person it makes you see the
01:03 opportunities that are out there in the
01:05 world and then in this weird kind of
01:07 relatable way you figure out that
01:10 creating also lets you get things off
01:13 your chest it gets those thoughts out
01:15 there a lot of that clutter that we
01:16 think about every single day the things
01:18 that we want to attempt just the ideas
01:20 the the interest likes and dislikes by
01:23 creating were able to get that out we're
01:25 able to kind of be closer
01:35 [Music]
01:37 and then once that you find that you
01:39 relate to so many other people out there
01:42 in the world you find out that you're
01:43 not alone no matter how different
01:45 people's styles may be whether you're a
01:47 graphic designer and the way you do
01:49 things is a little bit more bold and
01:51 vibrant compared to others or compared
01:52 to being a filmmaker to where maybe you
01:54 enjoy doing more adventurous styled
01:57 films versus other people doing more
01:58 modern and technical stuff you still
02:01 find that a lot of people have
02:02 similarities with so many different
02:04 styles and interest
02:12 so for me the reason why I create is to
02:14 challenge myself to find myself to find
02:17 other people it's almost like creating
02:19 the perfect opportunities for an amazing
02:22 [Music]
02:28 [Music]
02:30 so in 2020 I really encourage you guys
02:32 to get out go create the clutter find
02:35 yourselves challenge yourself and
02:36 introduce yourself to the world
02:46 you -

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