Release Date: 2019-04-25

About Asus 2X Wider CTRL key on this Mechanical Keyboard is CLUTCH! ad

VIDEO Asus 2X Wider CTRL key on this Mechanical Keyboard is CLUTCH! TV commercial 2019 • The ROG Strix Scope mechanical keyboard was designed with the most discerning gamers in mind.

00:00 the ROG strict scope is the keyboard for
00:03 any FPS player its built-in features
00:05 have been designed to give you a
00:06 competitive edge in game it features a
00:09 1000 Hertz polling rate and n key
00:11 rollover so no matter how many keys are
00:13 pressed at once or how fast you press
00:16 them every input is registered in game
00:18 every time we gave special attention to
00:20 the ctrl key when we design this
00:22 keyboard it's the key that helps keep
00:24 you alive in game ducking you behind
00:26 cover or steadying your hand so you can
00:28 get that game-winning shot so we've
00:29 doubled the size of the left ctrl key so
00:32 it's easier to reach when you're in the
00:33 heat of battle
00:34 it also has enhanced stabilization much
00:36 like the spacebar so it gives you a more
00:38 accurate and consistent feel the
00:40 function lock key helps to maximize
00:41 utility by allowing you to quickly
00:43 toggle between the function keys and
00:45 media control keys we've also
00:47 implemented a stealth key with function
00:49 lock enabled one push of the f12 key
00:51 will mute all audio and minimize all
00:53 applications running just in case you're
00:55 trying to get in some counter-strike
00:56 practice at work the onboard memory
00:58 allows you to save up to five custom
01:00 profiles as well as a default profile
01:02 the scope is available with a variety of
01:04 Cherry MX switches
01:06 there's red brown blue black speed
01:09 silver and silent red now speaking of
01:12 color options the scope has perky RGB
01:14 LED backlighting and with the armory to
01:17 software you can customize the color and
01:19 lighting pattern as well as sync it with
01:21 any of your other or a sync enabled
01:23 components even with the lights off the
01:24 scope still has plenty of style the dual
01:27 textured case has a brushed aluminum top
01:29 plate and even comes with additional
01:30 silver WASD keys and a key puller for
01:33 easy customization underneath the
01:36 keyboard we've continued the dual
01:37 textured design and we've also added a
01:39 channel for cable management to help
01:41 keep your desktop clean if you have any
01:43 questions or comments about the ROG
01:44 Strix scope keyboard please reach out to
01:46 us on facebook at slash ROG
01:49 n America
01:54 [Music]

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