Friend, pay attention to the following article on How to defeat Finn the Fisherman in V Rising, because in this one, we will cover all the details you need.

Finn is one of the first and new bosses that you will encounter in the game and that you will have to eliminate in order to unlock a spell point for Frost School and a recipe for Fishing Pole.

Your strategy for defeating Finn the Fisherman in V Rising is spot on! Here are some additional tips that might be helpful:

How to Defeat Finn the Fisherman in V Rising
Gear and Abilities:

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  • Gear Level: While Gear Level 30+ is a good starting point, having good armor with Iron or higher resistance will help mitigate his physical attacks.
  • Weapons: While the Longbow is a great choice, a Frost Mace or Iron Mace can also be effective for dealing high damage at close range.
  • Abilities: Having a good movement ability like Blood Bath or Chaos Dash can be helpful to dodge his attacks quickly. A damage ability like Frost Bats or Chaos Volley can also be useful for clearing out summoned fish.

Combat Strategies:

  • Focus on Finn: Prioritize attacking Finn himself whenever possible. Taking out the summoned fish is important, but only when they become a threat.
  • Learn the Fish: Each summoned fish has a distinct attack pattern:
  • Pufferfish: These explode when attacked, so use ranged attacks or spells from a safe distance.
  • Serpent: Dodge its bite attack and focus fire to take it down quickly.
  • Piranhas: These are weak and can be easily dispatched with area-of-effect spells or melee attacks.
  • Manage Distance: Maintain a medium distance from Finn. This allows you to dodge his melee attacks and still use ranged attacks or spells effectively.
  • Veil of Chaos: Use Veil of Chaos to dodge his red circle AOE attack and reposition yourself for an attack.
  • Don't Get Greedy: Focus on consistent damage while avoiding getting hit. Be patient and wait for openings to attack.
By following these additional tips and your initial plan, you should be well on your way to conquering Finn the Fisherman and obtaining the Fishing Rod recipe!

Thus we come to the end of this guide on How to defeat Finn the Fisherman in V Rising, hoping that it has been of the greatest possible help so that you can eliminate this enemy.

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