Today I will teach you how to unlock Bill in Vampire Survivors

The collaboration between Vampire Survivors and the legendary Contra has resulted in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns, an exciting expansion that introduces new characters and gameplay to the acclaimed roguelike game. Among these new characters is Bill Rizer, the iconic protagonist of the Contra series. For those who wish to utilize Bill Rizer's combat skills in fighting hordes of enemies, this guide provides detailed instructions on how to unlock him in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns.

How to unlock Bill in Vampire Survivors

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Unlocking Bill Rizer in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns - Technical Guide

The Operation Guns expansion for Vampire Survivors introduces iconic Contra protagonist Bill Rizer as a playable character. This technical guide provides detailed instructions for unlocking Bill Rizer and harnessing his abilities in battle against the vampire hordes.

Previous requirements:

  • Access to the game Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns
  • Familiarity with the "Survival" game mode

Steps to unlock Bill Rizer:

  • Game Mode Selection: Start "Survival" mode in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

  • Character selection: Choose any available character to start the game.

  • Access to the Neo Galuga map: Navigate to the Neo Galuga map during the game.

  • Location of the coffin: Go to the northeast corner of the Neo Galuga map and look for a question mark icon on the ground, indicating the location of the coffin.

  • Opening the Coffin: Approach the coffin and press the interact button to unlock Bill Rizer as a playable character.

  • Unlock verification:

    • Exit the current game or complete the round if desired.
    • Return to the character selection screen.
    • Note that Bill Rizer is now available in the list of playable characters.
    • Select Bill Rizer to start a new game and start fighting with his unique abilities.

    Additional considerations:

    • Unlocking Bill Rizer does not require overcoming additional challenges or hordes of enemies.
    • Once unlocked, Bill Rizer remains available permanently, even after the player's death in the unlock match.
    • Bill Rizer starts with the "Long Gun" weapon, which when evolved becomes "Prototype A", adding drones that shoot at enemies.

    By following these steps, players will be able to unlock Bill Rizer and harness his combat skills to take on the vampire hordes in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

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