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In the following article we are going to show you how to use volleyball in High on Life

What is volleyball in High on Life?

  The volleyball in High on Life can be used to avoid a fight with the enemies in the mines, who are the ones guarding the Summon Portal Mod for the Sweezy weapon.

How to use volleyball in High on Life

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If you wonder How to use the volleyball in High on Life the first thing you should do is get the ball, you can buy it at the Moplet store in G3 Mines of Zephyr Paradise, to access this location you must play through the Krubis reward mission, since the store is on the way to this particular enemy.

Once players go deeper into the G3 Mines, they need to find the Moplet store, where they can finally purchase the volleyball for 80 Pesos. In the event that you do not know how to use the volleyball in High on Life you just have to follow the following steps:

  •   -You start by turning right at Moplet's shop in G3 Mines and take another right.
  • -As you progress through the G3 mines, you should see another route with some Luglox chests.
  • -Go through the robotic claw to locate some tunnels and use the middle path because players need to take the middle path at the crossroads.
  • -Then use Sweezy's time bubble to slow down the fan and go through the fan vent to find the volleyball net.
  • -Finally, with the volleyball in hand, the two enemies in this location will no longer attack you, allowing you to get the Summoning Portal Mod freely.

  This would be all we can tell you about How to use volleyball in High on Life
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