Online multiplayer gaming represents one of the largest growth areas in the wider industry over the past decade. As such, it should come as no surprise that esports—aka competitive gaming, has slowly begun to enjoy mainstream popularity. In fact, oddschecker, which provides odds and offers on esports events, cites the sector as the fastest growing sector it tracks, out pacing the likes of Formula One or Mixed Martial Arts in 2023.
With so much interest surrounding esports, it’s only natural that gamers of both casual and hardcore persuasions are keen to get involved in the scene. But sometimes it can be tricky to know where exactly to go in order to begin competing in esports tournaments.
Fortunately, here we’ve compiled a straightforward list of how you can go about joining and competing in a number of esports competitions, from unranked friendlies, right through to seeded international tournaments.

Sign Up With Leading Esports Bodies

One of the easiest ways to get involved in an esports competition is to enter one by way of some of the world’s largest and best established esports organisations. ESL, for example, runs thousands of tournaments each month for free that are open to all comers.

See What’s Available on Battlefy

Battlefy is one of the most popular esports tournament management apps out there, and as such it can be a great way to hear about and enter amateur leagues and tournaments. While not all the events on Battlefy will offer cash prizes for victory, using this platform is a great way to develop a working familiarity when competing in your chosen title.

Participate In Your Local Leagues

Many of the world’s biggest esports events sit atop an international bracket of competitions that players and teams must work their way up through. If you’re serious about competing in your chosen game, you should look up what your local subsidiary league is and sign up to it.

Get Involved in the Community

There are dozens of Discords, YouTube communities, Facebook Groups and Twitch channels dedicated to hosting, organizing and running esports tournaments of varying levels. Do your best to get involved with the wider community surrounding your chosen game and you’ll never be short of opportunities to join tournaments and competitions. It’s important to recognize that, at its heart, esports is largely a grassroots movement, with most events and competitions being held and managed by the player-base rather than developers.

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