Now about How to get a Flying Mount in Palworld Discover the secrets of obtaining a Flying Mount in Palworld. Learn the strategies and techniques to soar through the skies in this captivating virtual world. Unleash your inner adventurer today!

However, Nitewing is not the most ideal flying mount as it has low stats and limited special abilities. Players may want to aim for higher-tier flying mounts like Jetragon or Frostallion for better stats and abilities.

How to get a Flying Mount in Palworld

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To start the process of obtaining a flying mount, players must first catch a flying Pal. These include Pals like Nitewing, Glideraptor, and Skywing, which can be found in the air and around certain areas in Palworld. It is important to note that not all flying Pals can be ridden as mounts, so players should pay attention to the information in the Pal's bio to see if it is rideable.

Once a flying Pal has been caught, players will need to unlock the Saddle for that specific Pal in the Technology Tree. This can be found under the Pal Gear section and will require players to have a certain level and materials to unlock it. For example, the Nitewing Saddle requires players to be at level 15 and have 10 Scrap Metal and 5 Wood Planks.

After unlocking the Saddle, players will need to build it at the Pal Gear Workbench. This can be found in the player's base and will also require materials to build. Once the Saddle is built, players can add it to their Key Items.

The next step is to put the flying Pal with the Saddle into the player's party. This can be done by going to the Pal menu and selecting the Pal with the Saddle, then clicking on the 'Add to Party' button. Players can only have one mount in their party at a time, so they will need to remove any other Pals in their party before adding the flying mount.

Finally, players can summon the Pal with the Saddle and hold down the Special Ability button to ride it. This will allow players to fly around the map and explore Palworld from a whole new perspective. Keep in mind that some flying mounts may have different controls or abilities, so it is important to check the Pal's bio for more information.

As mentioned earlier, Jetragon and Frostallion are some of the best flying mounts in Palworld, but they are also the most challenging to obtain. Jetragon can be found in the wild at a very low chance, while Frostallion can only be obtained by defeating its boss form in the Frostland dungeon. These flying mounts have higher stats and more powerful special abilities, making them a desirable goal for players.

In conclusion about How to get a Flying Mount in Palworld, getting a flying mount in Palworld is not an easy feat, but it is definitely worth the effort. It allows players to travel faster and reach new areas, making the game more enjoyable. Players should start with the easier-to-obtain flying mounts like Nitewing and work their way up to the legendary ones. With patience and dedication, players can soar through the skies of Palworld with their trusty flying mount by their side.

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