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Discover the best locations to find pickaxes in Sons of the Forest. Enhance your gameplay and gather essential tools for survival. Explore now!

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game that has garnered much attention since its announcement. The game is set on a mysterious island filled with mutated creatures and dangerous environments. As players navigate through this unforgiving world, they will need to scavenge for resources and tools to survive. One of the most crucial tools in the game is the pickaxe, which can be used to gather resources and mine ores. In this article, we will discuss where to find the pickaxe in Sons of the Forest.

The pickaxe can be found in the Solafite Cave, which is located in the northeast of the island. To reach this cave, players will need to first locate the cave entrance. This can be done by looking for a large rock with a rope attached to it. Once the entrance is located, players will need to descend into the cave using the rope.

As players make their way through the cave, they will come across water streams. The path to the pickaxe is through an underwater passage, which can be accessed using the Rebreather. The Rebreather is a scuba diving gear that allows players to explore underwater environments without worrying about oxygen levels. Players can find the Rebreather in the caves near the lake.

After swimming through the underwater passage, players will need to turn left and follow a barricaded path to the Artifact Room. This room is filled with valuable items and resources, including the pickaxe. To reach the pickaxe, players will need to break through some wooden planks to access a waterlide. Sliding down the waterlide will lead players to a large body of water.
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Players will then need to dive through a hole in the water and continue on the right side. After emerging from the water, players will need to swim past more wooden planks and head back to the left side. Here, they will come across hanging bodies, which can be a disturbing sight. But, players need to take the left side path to reach a Solafite Deposit with the pickaxe.

Once the pickaxe is found, players can either grab it to put it in their inventory or use it to mine ores. The pickaxe is a versatile tool that can be used to gather resources and defend against enemies. It is an essential item for survival in the game.

To exit the cave, players can use a rope to ascend to the top. Once at the top, players will need to jump down and follow another rope to exit the cave. This will lead them to the surface of the island, where they can continue their adventure.

The pickaxe is a valuable tool that can be found in the Solafite Cave in Sons of the Forest. To reach it, players will need to navigate through the cave and overcome various obstacles. The pickaxe is a crucial item for survival and players should make it a priority to find it early on in the game. With the pickaxe in hand, players can gather resources, mine ores and defend against the dangers of the island. So, gear up and head to the Solafite Cave to find the pickaxe and increase your chances of survival in Sons of the Forest.
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