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Discover the secrets of completing the Suspicious Symbiosis quest in Palia with our comprehensive guide. Unravel the mysteries and conquer the challenges. Join us now!

Palia, the highly anticipated new game from the creators of Animal Jam, has been gaining popularity among gamers for its immersive world and unique gameplay. One of the most exciting features of Palia is the quest system, where players can complete various tasks and challenges to earn rewards and progress in the game. One such quest is the Suspicious Symbiosis quest, where players are tasked with finding and growing a Gardenia Flower. In this article, we will discuss how to complete this quest and unlock the Gardenia Flower in Palia.

The quest begins when Auni, a friendly NPC, visits your Housing Plot to discuss the strange behavior of the bugs dropping flower seeds. He will explain that these bugs are actually Blue Butterflies and they are dropping Gardenia Flower seeds, a valuable resource in Palia. Auni will then ask for your help in catching these butterflies and growing a Gardenia Flower.

To catch the Blue Butterflies, players will need to visit two specific locations – Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay – between dawn and dusk. The best area to find them is the Mirror Fields, where they spawn in large numbers. However, catching them is not an easy task as they are fast and elusive. This is where smoke bombs come in handy. Players can purchase smoke bombs from the merchant in the nearby town or craft them using resources found in the game. Use the smoke bombs to stun the butterflies and catch them using a net.
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Once you have caught a sufficient number of Blue Butterflies, they will drop the Gardenia Flower. This flower is essential for completing the quest and can also be used to cultivate various plants in your Housing Plot. After obtaining the Gardenia Flower, players can plant it anywhere on their plot. However, it is recommended to choose a spot with ample sunlight and water nearby.

Now comes the waiting game. It takes 3 in-game days for the Gardenia Flower to grow into a full-sized plant. During this time, players need to water the plant daily to ensure its healthy growth. After 3 days, the plant will be fully grown, and players can speak with Auni to confirm that they have successfully grown a Gardenia. This will conclude the Suspicious Symbiosis quest, and players will be rewarded with experience points and a Gardenia Flower.

The Gardenia Flower is a valuable resource in Palia as it can be used to cultivate various plants, including the Gardenia itself. It has a beautiful white and yellow color and emits a pleasant fragrance, making it a perfect addition to any Housing Plot. Players can also trade the Gardenia Flower with other players or sell it for in-game currency.

The Suspicious Symbiosis quest in Palia is a fun and rewarding task that allows players to unlock the Gardenia Flower and learn about the symbiotic relationship between the butterflies and the flower. It also showcases the attention to detail and immersive gameplay that Palia has to offer. So, gather your smoke bombs and net, and head to Mirror Fields to catch those elusive Blue Butterflies and grow your very own Gardenia Flower. Happy questing!
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