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About How to offer Hugo guidance in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Unlock the secrets of guiding Hugo in Dragon's Dogma 2 with our expert advice and proven strategies. Elevate your gameplay and conquer every challenge.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a highly anticipated game for fans of the fantasy genre, and with its release, players have been eagerly exploring the vast world and taking on various quests. One of the most interesting quests in the game is the Off the Pilfered Path quest, which aims to offer guidance to a character named Hugo. In this article, we will discuss how players can effectively offer guidance to Hugo in Dragon's Dogma 2.

How to offer Hugo guidance in Dragon’s Dogma 2
Unlocking Hugo's Cell

The first step to offering guidance to Hugo is to unlock his cell. To do this, players will need to use a Makeshift Goal Key, which can be obtained by completing the Tolled to Rest quest. This quest involves finding the Ancient Battleground Key, which is located in a cave near the Ancient Battleground. Once you have obtained this key, return to the prison and use the Makeshift Goal Key to unlock Hugo's cell.

Talking to Brefft

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Now in How to offer Hugo guidance in Dragon’s Dogma 2, After unlocking Hugo's cell, players will need to talk to a character named Brefft. He can be found in the same cell block as Hugo. If Brefft has any valuable information, he will share it with the player. It is important to talk to Brefft as he will give you important details about the Coral Snakes' new hideout.

Rescuing Hugo

Once you have learned about the Coral Snakes' new hideout, head to the Ancient Battleground where Hugo will be waiting for you. However, he will be in danger as he is being attacked by a powerful enemy named Lanzo. Players will need to defeat Lanzo to save Hugo. After Lanzo's defeat, Hugo will appear and will be grateful for your help.

Giving Hugo a Job

After rescuing Hugo, players can offer him a job to help him get back on his feet. There are two options for job placement – Isaac's Wares or Rose Chateau Bordelrie. To give Hugo a job at the Borderlie, players will need to complete the Short-Sighted Ambition quest, which requires giving the real copy of Transference of Souls Tomes. This quest will also provide players with valuable rewards and experience points.

Checking on Hugo

Once Hugo has been given a job, players can check on him to see how he is faring. This will not only give players a sense of satisfaction but also allow them to see the impact of their guidance on Hugo. It is important to note that checking on Hugo is not a one-time task. Players should regularly check on him to see if he needs any assistance or guidance.

Utilizing Isaac's Wares

If players choose to give Hugo a job at Isaac's Wares, they will also benefit from it. The shop will offer discounts to players, making it a win-win situation for both parties. This will also help players to save money on their purchases and upgrade their equipment.

In conclusion about How to offer Hugo guidance in Dragon’s Dogma 2, offering guidance to Hugo in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a rewarding experience for players. It not only helps players to progress in the game but also allows them to make a positive impact on a character's life. By following the steps mentioned in this article, players can effectively offer guidance to Hugo and help him on his journey. So, go ahead and embark on this quest to make a difference in Hugo's life.
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