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Now in How to remove Enemy of Justice in Baldur’s Gate 3 Discover effective strategies and tips to eliminate the formidable Enemy of Justice in Baldur's Gate 3 on our comprehensive website.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a highly anticipated game that has captured the attention of gamers all over the world. The game is set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe and follows the adventures of the player character in the city of Baldur’s Gate. Like any other RPG game, the choices made by the player have consequences. One such consequence is the Enemy of Justice condition.

Enemy of Justice is a condition that marks the player character as someone who has killed a guard in the game. This condition is triggered when the player character kills a guard in plain sight, and it has serious repercussions. The guards in Baldur’s Gate are not to be taken lightly, and once you are marked as an Enemy of Justice, they will attack you on sight.

The Enemy of Justice condition can be a hindrance to your progress in the game, as it makes it difficult to navigate through the city without being constantly attacked by guards. However, there are three ways to remove this condition. In this article, we will discuss these methods in detail.

How to remove Enemy of Justice in Baldur’s Gate 3

1. Kill the Witness:

One way to remove the Enemy of Justice condition is to kill the witness who saw you commit the crime. This is the most straightforward method, as it involves eliminating the only person who can testify against you. However, this method can be quite tricky, as killing a witness in plain sight will only add to your problems. It is recommended to kill the witness discreetly, without attracting any attention. This can be done by using spells or abilities that can make you invisible or by using stealth to sneak up on the witness and take them out.

2. Reload a Previous Save:

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Reloading a previous save is the cleanest and most effective way to remove the Enemy of Justice condition. This is the number one rule of Baldur’s Gate 3 – save often. If you have a save file from before you committed the crime, you can simply reload it and avoid the whole situation altogether. This method is highly recommended, as it not only removes the Enemy of Justice condition but also prevents any further consequences of your actions.

3. Die and Revive the Character:

If the first two methods are not an option for you, the last resort is to die and revive the character. This method is not as clean as reloading a save, but it still gets the job done. You can either let yourself be killed by the guards or find a way to die, like jumping off a cliff. Once your character is revived, the Enemy of Justice condition will be removed. However, this method should be used as a last resort, as dying in the game has its own consequences.

If you still encounter the Enemy of Justice condition even after trying these methods, there is one more thing you can do. In the Moonrise Towers, there are fish people who can remove this condition for you. Be sure not to miss them while making your way to the towers. However, this method may not always work, and it is better to prevent the condition in the first place.

In conclusion about How to remove Enemy of Justice in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Enemy of Justice condition can be a troublesome obstacle in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it can be easily removed by following the methods mentioned above. Remember to save often and avoid killing guards in plain sight. With careful planning and a little bit of luck, you can successfully remove this condition and continue your journey in the city of Baldur’s Gate without any hindrances.
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