Learn How to Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working issues. Follow our step-by-step guide to get your controller working again!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on resolving the controller not working issue in Granblue Fantasy Relink. If you've encountered frustrating difficulties with your controller while immersing yourself in this captivating game, fret not! We're here to provide you with a detailed walkthrough of troubleshooting steps to swiftly get you back into the heart of the action.

How to Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working
Section 1: Restart the System

The first course of action in troubleshooting any technical issue is often the simplest: a system restart. Initiate a complete restart of your gaming system and then relaunch Granblue Fantasy Relink to ascertain if the controller functionality has been restored.

Section 2: Run Granblue Fantasy Relink as an Administrator

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Granting administrative privileges to the game executable can effectively address compatibility and access issues. By right-clicking on the game's shortcut or executable file, selecting "Run as administrator," and then testing the controller functionality, you may potentially resolve the underlying problem.

Section 3: Update the Controller

It's essential to ensure that your controller's firmware is up to date. Visit the official website of the manufacturer or utilize their dedicated software to check for and install any available updates tailored for your specific controller model.

Section 4: Verify Game File Integrity

Within your gaming platform, such as Steam, it's crucial to verify the integrity of Granblue Fantasy Relink's game files. Detecting and rectifying any corrupted or missing game files through this process can effectively mitigate controller functionality issues.

Section 5: Reconnect the Controller

A seemingly trivial yet crucial step involves disconnecting and subsequently reconnecting your controller to the gaming system. A loose or unstable connection can often be the root cause of functionality issues, making it imperative to ensure a secure and stable connection.

Section 6: Update the Controller Driver

About How to Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working, For PC users, ensuring that the controller's driver is up to date is imperative. Visit the manufacturer's official website to check for any available driver updates and diligently install them to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

Section 7: Turn Off Steam In-Game Overlay

For individuals playing Granblue Fantasy Relink through Steam, disabling the Steam In-Game Overlay feature has been known to effectively resolve various game-related issues, including controller malfunctions. Navigate to Steam settings and disable this feature before launching the game to potentially address the controller issue.

Section 8: Disable In-Game Haptic Feedback

Exploring the game's settings or options menu presents an opportunity to disable any in-game haptic feedback features that may be interfering with the controller's functionality. Experiment with toggling off these settings to ascertain if it resolves the controller issue.

Section 9: Use DS4Windows for PlayStation Controllers

If you're utilizing a PlayStation controller on your PC, consider leveraging DS4Windows, a third-party tool designed to optimize compatibility between DualShock controllers and Windows systems. This can potentially address any underlying compatibility issues and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Section 10: Try Using Another Controller

In instances where all previous attempts have not yielded the desired results, considering the utilization of a different compatible controller with Granblue Fantasy Relink is a prudent course of action. This step can help isolate whether the issue is specific to a particular controller or extends to broader compatibility issues.

In conclusion about How to Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working, We trust that our detailed and user-friendly tips have equipped you with the necessary tools to overcome any concerns pertaining to your controller not working while indulging in the captivating world of Granblue Fantasy Relink. By diligently following these steps, we anticipate that you'll swiftly regain seamless controller functionality, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this epic adventure without further interruptions. Happy gaming!

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