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Discover the best locations to find Astegon in Palworld and enhance your gaming experience.

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Astegon in Palworld: A Thrilling Adventure:

Welcome, brave Palworld adventurer! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating quest to find the formidable Astegon and add it to your team? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the wilds of Palworld and uncover the best strategies for locating and capturing Astegon. So, prepare your gear, summon your Pals, and let's set out on this thrilling journey together!

Section 1: Locating Astegon

The hunt for Astegon begins in the heart of the untamed wilderness of Palworld. One of the prime locations to encounter this powerful Pal is the Wildlife Sanctuary 3. To reach this area, adventurers must head northeast on the map, navigating through diverse terrains and encountering various Pals along the way. The Wildlife Sanctuary 3 is teeming with high-level Pals, and among them lurks the elusive Astegon, waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers.

Recommended Team:

As the challenges of capturing high-level Pals in Wildlife Sanctuary 3 are not to be underestimated, assembling a strong and versatile team is crucial. Prior to venturing into this treacherous territory, adventurers are advised to carefully curate their team, ensuring a diverse range of Pals with different abilities and elemental affinities. A well-balanced team will greatly enhance the chances of successfully capturing Astegon and overcoming other formidable Pals encountered in the sanctuary.

Section 2: Fast Travel Point

Navigating the vast and diverse landscapes of Palworld can be a daunting task, particularly when seeking out specific Pals such as Astegon. To facilitate expedient travel to the Wildlife Sanctuary 3, adventurers should make their way to the Deep Sand Dunes, the nearest fast travel point. However, reaching this point requires a reliable flying or swimming mount capable of traversing the challenging terrains that lie in between. Therefore, preparation and strategic choices of mounts are essential for efficient traversal to the desired destination.

Section 3: Alpha Variant Astegon

For those seeking an even greater challenge and the opportunity to capture an Astegon of unparalleled power, the Alpha Variant Astegon awaits. This formidable variant can be located in the southwestern part of the map, near the menacing volcano. It is said to possess an awe-inspiring level of 48, making it a coveted prize for skilled and daring adventurers.

Section 4: Catching Astegon

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Capturing Astegon is a feat that demands strategy, skill, and precision. As a high-level and formidable Pal, Astegon must be sufficiently weakened before any attempt to capture it using a Pal Sphere can be made. Therefore, a careful health strategy must be employed to gradually reduce Astegon's health, ensuring that it is in a capture-ready state.

Recommended Spheres:

Given Astegon's formidable level and strength, the use of Legendary Spheres is highly recommended. These specialized capture spheres are designed to enhance the chances of successfully capturing high-level Pals, making them invaluable tools for aspiring Astegon hunters.

Section 5: Choosing Your Pals Wisely

Elemental Advantage:

In preparation for the anticipated encounter with Astegon, adventurers are advised to consider the elemental advantages of their team. Adding an ice-type Pal to the team can provide a strategic advantage in the battle against Astegon. As an ice-type Pal, your companion will possess an elemental advantage over Astegon, exploiting its weaknesses against both dragon and ice-type Pals. This strategic consideration can significantly tip the scales in your favor during the intense battle to capture Astegon.

Armed with these invaluable insights and strategies, you are now equipped to embark on your quest to find Astegon in the untamed world of Palworld. Remember, the journey ahead will be fraught with challenges and exhilarating encounters, but with careful preparation and strategic planning, success is within your grasp.


As you venture forth into the wilderness, remain vigilant and be prepared for the trials that await you. Keep your team strong, your wits sharp, and your resolve unwavering. In Palworld, every step is an opportunity for excitement and discovery, and the pursuit of Astegon is a true testament to the adventurous spirit that thrives within us all.


So, go forth with confidence, fellow adventurer, and may your journey be filled with thrilling encounters, newfound companions, and the triumphant capture of the majestic Astegon! Happy hunting!

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