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In this article we are going to show you Where to find the drum in High on Life

What is High on Life?

  High on Life is a game from Squanch Games that transports two teenagers through space to search for bounties and save humanity.

Where to find the drum in High on Life

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When you are in the game with Blim City you will notice several different alien NPCs that can be talked to, one of them has a very specific shape that stands next to a taller yellow alien wearing a brown shirt, if you walk up and talk With the one in the yellow shirt, he will explain what you must do to get the other alien a drum.

  The drum will always be available inside Mr. Keep's Pawn Shop for a total of $78, after purchasing it you can return to the two aliens. Once you give the drum to the yellow alien, he will give it to the other, who will happily play it, releasing gas from the hole in his face.

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