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 Discover the ultimate Lockwood 680 loadout for unparalleled dominance in Modern Warfare 3.

Title: The Best Lockwood 680 Loadout in Modern Warfare 3:

Welcome to our guide on creating the ultimate loadout for the Lockwood 680 shotgun in Modern Warfare 3. In this blog post, we will cover the best attachments, ammunition, and class setup to maximize your effectiveness with this powerful pump-action shotgun. So grab your favorite Renetti handgun and let's dive in!

I. Overview of the Lockwood 680 Shotgun

The Lockwood 680 shotgun is widely regarded as the best shotgun option in Modern Warfare 3. It boasts a high damage output and a tight spread pattern, making it deadly in close-quarters combat. However, it requires accuracy and patience to be effective, as it is a pump-action shotgun that requires manually chambering rounds after each shot. Mastering the Lockwood 680 will reward players with devastating kills and a sense of satisfaction.

II. Best Attachments for the Lockwood 680

a. XTEN Full Choke Muzzle:

The XTEN Full Choke Muzzle is an essential attachment for the Lockwood 680. It improves shot spread and tightens pellet dispersion, resulting in a more focused shot pattern. This attachment enhances accuracy, allowing players to hit their targets with precision. With the XTEN Full Choke Muzzle, you can maximize the effectiveness of each shot and increase your chances of securing kills.

b. Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel:

The Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel is another valuable attachment for the Lockwood 680. It increases the shotgun's damage range, allowing you to engage enemies from a distance. This attachment is particularly useful when facing opponents in larger maps or open areas. With the Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel, you can maintain a significant advantage over your enemies by extending the effective range of your shots.

c. Sawed Off Mod Stock:

The Sawed Off Mod Stock is a stock attachment that greatly enhances mobility when equipped on the Lockwood 680. It reduces the shotgun's overall weight, making it easier to maneuver quickly between opponents. This attachment is especially valuable in close-quarters engagements, where speed and agility are vital for survival. With the Sawed Off Mod Stock, you can outmaneuver your enemies and take them down swiftly and efficiently.

d. 12 Gauge Slug Ammunition:

When it comes to ammunition, the 12 Gauge Slug is the best choice for the Lockwood 680 shotgun. This ammo type provides a significant increase in damage compared to standard buckshot rounds. The 12 Gauge Slug allows you to dispatch enemies quickly and effectively, even at medium distances. With this ammunition, you can take down opponents with fewer shots, giving you a distinct advantage in intense firefights.

e. Express Light Bolt Bolt:

The Express Light Bolt is a bolt attachment that improves the handling speed and rate of fire of the Lockwood 680. It allows for faster chambering of rounds, enabling a more aggressive playstyle. With the Express Light Bolt, you can maintain a high level of offensive pressure on your enemies, increasing your chances of securing kills and dominating the battlefield.

III. Upgraded Lockwood 680 Loadout

a. Increased Mobility and Damage Range:

By combining the XTEN Full Choke Muzzle, Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel, Sawed Off Mod Stock, 12 Gauge Slug Ammunition, and Express Light Bolt Bolt, you can maximize both mobility and damage range simultaneously. The XTEN Full Choke Muzzle and Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel enhance accuracy and damage range, while the Sawed Off Mod Stock improves mobility. This upgraded loadout allows players to navigate swiftly between opponents without compromising shot power, giving them a significant advantage in close-quarters combat.

b. Class Setup Recommendations:

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i. Infantry Vest:

Choosing an infantry vest is crucial for survivability. It provides additional protection, reducing the amount of damage you take from enemy fire. With the Lockwood 680's limited range, it is essential to have added protection to withstand encounters in close quarters.

ii. Renetti Handgun:

The Renetti handgun is an excellent choice to pair with the Lockwood 680. It offers versatility and reliability in mid-range engagements, complementing the shotgun's close-quarters dominance. The Renetti can serve as a backup weapon when facing enemies beyond the shotgun's effective range.

iii. Stun Grenade Tactical:

Stun grenades are tactical equipment that can disorient enemies, making them vulnerable to close-range engagements. By using stun grenades strategically, you can create opportunities to quickly dispatch opponents with the Lockwood 680.

iv. Frag Grenade Lethal:

Frag grenades are lethal equipment that can deal explosive damage to enemies. They are effective in clearing out rooms or areas where enemies may be hiding. The Lockwood 680's close-quarters effectiveness combined with frag grenades can lead to devastating results.

v. Munitions Box Field Equipment:

Having a munitions box as field equipment is beneficial for replenishing ammunition during intense fights. Running out of ammo in critical moments can be disastrous, so having a munitions box nearby ensures you can continue to unleash the devastating power of the Lockwood 680.

vi. Commando Gloves:

Commando gloves provide additional damage and speed for melee attacks. In close-quarters combat situations, where the Lockwood 680 excels, being able to quickly dispatch enemies with melee attacks can be a game-changer.

vii. Lightweight Boots:

Lightweight boots increase mobility, allowing players to navigate the map quickly and position themselves strategically. With the Lockwood 680's focus on close-quarters combat, having the agility to move swiftly across the battlefield is crucial for success.

viii. Tac Mask Gear:

Tac Mask gear reduces the effectiveness of enemy tactical equipment, such as stun grenades and flashbangs. This gear is crucial in countering enemy tactics and maintaining your momentum in close-quarters engagements.

By following this loadout guide, you'll have a powerful edge on the battlefield with the Lockwood 680 shotgun in Modern Warfare 3. The combination of attachments, ammunition, and class setup recommendations provided in this guide ensures that you can maximize the shotgun's effectiveness in close-quarters combat. Remember, accuracy and patience are key when wielding the Lockwood 680, so make every shot count! Now go out there, equip your loadout, and dominate your opponents with style.

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