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Discover the ultimate guide to leveling up quickly in Persona 5 Tactica and dominate the game like a pro.

Title: Level Up Fast in Persona 5 Tactics: A Friendly Guide to Becoming a Powerful Phantom Thief:

Persona 5 Tactics, while not overly challenging, rewards players who level up their characters. Unlocking higher-ranking Personas and dealing greater damage will enhance your gaming experience. In this friendly guide, we'll explore effective strategies to level up quickly and efficiently.

I. Replay Previous Stages for Extra Experience:

Replaying previous stages is a great way to gain extra experience points. By revisiting missions you've already completed, you can encounter familiar enemies and earn valuable XP. This method allows you to practice your skills while steadily increasing your team's power.

One of the advantages of replaying previous stages is that you become more familiar with the enemies' weaknesses and attack patterns. This knowledge will help you strategize and exploit their vulnerabilities more effectively. Additionally, as you replay these stages, you have the opportunity to experiment with different tactics and abilities, further enhancing your gameplay experience.

II. Accomplish Missed Objectives:

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete objectives that were missed during previous attempts. Focusing on these unachieved goals helps you earn additional experience points as rewards. Keep an eye out for any unfinished business and make it a priority.

Missed objectives often provide valuable rewards, including experience points. These objectives can be anything from defeating a specific enemy to completing a side quest. By revisiting these objectives and successfully completing them, you'll not only gain extra experience but also unlock additional content and storylines.

III. Utilize the R1/RB Button During Enemy Turns:

Pressing the R1/RB button during enemy turns can yield surprising benefits. This action allows you to analyze enemy weaknesses and exploit them more effectively. By taking advantage of this feature, you can deal extra damage and maximize your experience gains.

During enemy turns, the R1/RB button activates the analysis function, which reveals the weaknesses of the enemy you are currently targeting. This information is invaluable as it allows you to select the most effective attacks and exploit the enemies' weaknesses. By dealing extra damage, you can defeat enemies more efficiently and gain more experience points.

IV. Fuse Tam Lin with Efficiency Aficionado Passive Ability:

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To further increase the amount of experience earned in battles, fuse Tam Lin into your team. Tam Lin possesses the Efficiency Aficionado passive ability, which boosts the experience gained by your entire party. Obtain Tam Lin by combining Cait Sith, High Pixie, and Leanan Sidhe via Special Fusion once you reach level 32.

Tam Lin is a powerful Persona with the Efficiency Aficionado ability, which significantly increases the experience gained from battles. By fusing Tam Lin into your team, you'll ensure that all your party members benefit from this experience boost. This will accelerate your leveling up process and allow you to unlock higher-ranking Personas sooner.

V. Purchase Unlocked Personas from Lavenza or Compendium:

If you don't have access to Cait Sith, High Pixie, or Leanan Sidhe for fusion, don't worry. You can purchase these unlocked Personas from Lavenza if they are available in the Compendium. Acquiring these Personas will allow you to utilize Tam Lin's Efficiency Aficionado ability and gain more experience.

The Compendium is a valuable resource for acquiring unlocked Personas that you may not have encountered or fused yet. If you are unable to obtain the necessary Personas for fusing Tam Lin, check the Compendium to see if they are available for purchase. Lavenza, the attendant of the Velvet Room, can assist you in obtaining these Personas and further enhance your experience gains.

Leveling up quickly and efficiently is crucial for unlocking higher-ranking Personas and dealing greater damage in Persona 5 Tactics. By following these friendly guidelines, including replaying previous stages, accomplishing missed objectives, utilizing the R1/RB button during enemy turns, fusing Tam Lin, and purchasing unlocked Personas, you'll be well on your way to becoming a powerful Phantom Thief.


Enjoy the game while making clearing previous missions easier and leveling up at an impressive pace. Stay stealthy! With these strategies in mind, you'll be able to breeze through the game and fully experience the thrilling world of Persona 5 Tactics. Happy gaming!

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