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Discover the secrets of obtaining Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2 with our comprehensive guide.

Title: How to Get Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2:

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain the rare resource, Moondew Nectar, in Slime Rancher 2. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process and provide useful tips along the way. Moondew Nectar is a valuable resource that has various uses in the game, including upgrading your jetpack and feeding a special Gordo slime. With our guide, you'll be well-equipped to tackle this task successfully!

I. Location of Moondew Nectar

A. Rainbow Fields and Starlight Strand connection

Moondew Nectar can be found in the Starlight Strand, but to access this area, you need to first go to the Rainbow Fields. In the Rainbow Fields, you will come across a unique slime called the Cotton Gordo. To unlock the portal to the Starlight Strand, you need to feed the Cotton Gordo vegetables. It's important to note that the Cotton Gordo only appears randomly, so keep an eye out for it while exploring the Rainbow Fields.

1. Feed a Cotton Gordo vegetables in Rainbow Fields

To feed the Cotton Gordo, collect vegetables from the Rainbow Fields or grow them on your ranch. Approach the Cotton Gordo and offer it the vegetables. The Cotton Gordo will consume the vegetables and grow larger as it eats.

2. Bursting of Cotton Gordo and portal creation

Once the Cotton Gordo has consumed enough vegetables, it will burst, creating a portal to the Starlight Strand. This portal will transport you to the primary area where Moondew Nectar can be found.

B. Starlight Strand as the primary area for finding Moondew Nectar

Once you enter the Starlight Strand through the portal created by the bursting Cotton Gordo, you will find yourself in a beautiful nighttime environment. This area is rich in Moondew Nectar, but it's important to know the best time to explore.

II. Timeframe for Finding Moondew Nectar

A. Nighttime blooming period (18:00 - 6:00)

Moondew Nectar blooms at night, between the in-game hours of 18:00 and 6:00. It is during this time that you will find the nectar-filled flowers scattered throughout the Starlight Strand. Keep in mind that Moondew Nectar is not available during the daytime, so plan your visits accordingly.

B. Importance of preparing and sleeping accordingly

To maximize your chances of finding Moondew Nectar, it's crucial to prepare and sleep accordingly. Ensure that you have enough energy and resources before venturing into the Starlight Strand. Additionally, make sure to sleep in your ranch to skip the daytime and wake up refreshed in the evening, ready to explore the nighttime environment.

III. Uses of Moondew Nectar

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A. Jetpack upgrade requirement

Moondew Nectar is a critical component for upgrading your jetpack in Slime Rancher 2. It provides a boost in flight duration and allows you to reach higher platforms and areas that were previously inaccessible. To upgrade your jetpack, you will need a certain amount of Moondew Nectar, along with other resources. Keep collecting Moondew Nectar to continue upgrading your abilities and exploration options.

B. Feeding the Flutter Gordo in the southern pink area of Starlight Strand

Another important use of Moondew Nectar is feeding the Flutter Gordo, which can be found in the southern pink area of the Starlight Strand. The Flutter Gordo is a special type of slime that requires a large amount of Moondew Nectar to burst. Once the Flutter Gordo bursts, it will release valuable rewards, including rare items and resources. Feeding the Flutter Gordo with Moondew Nectar is a great way to obtain unique rewards and advance in the game.

IV. Challenges and Recommendations

A. Limited availability of Moondew Nectar

One of the main challenges in obtaining Moondew Nectar is its limited availability. Since it only blooms at night in the Starlight Strand, you need to plan your visits accordingly and make the most out of each trip. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of the Starlight Strand to collect as much Moondew Nectar as possible.

B. Unable to grow on garden plots

Unlike other resources in Slime Rancher 2, Moondew Nectar cannot be grown on garden plots. This means that you have to rely on finding it in the Starlight Strand. However, with proper planning and utilization of nighttime blooming periods, you can overcome this limitation.

C. Alternative approach: breeding a Flutter Largo for Flutter Plorts instead of using it on Flutter Slimes

If you find it challenging to collect enough Moondew Nectar to feed the Flutter Gordo, you can consider an alternative approach. Instead of using the Moondew Nectar on the Flutter Slimes directly, you can breed a Flutter Largo using Moondew Nectar and another compatible slime. The Flutter Largo will produce Flutter Plorts, which can be sold for a decent profit or used for other purposes in the game.

Obtaining Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2 can be a bit challenging, but with our friendly guide, you'll be well-equipped to tackle this task successfully! Remember to follow the outlined steps, prepare accordingly, and utilize alternative strategies when necessary. Moondew Nectar is a valuable resource that has multiple uses, including upgrading your jetpack and feeding the Flutter Gordo for rare rewards. Happy ranching!

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