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Discover the art of crafting a makeshift chest in Coral Island and enhance your gameplay experience.

Welcome to Coral Island! In this guide, we'll show you how to craft the Makeshift Chest, a valuable starting recipe that will help you manage your inventory and store items on your farm. Let's get started!On your first day at the farm area, as you clean the farmland and plant seeds, you'll start accumulating resources and filling up your inventory. To unlock the Makeshift Chest recipe, you'll need to gather 20x wood and 10x trash. Wood can be found in various areas of the island, including the farmland. You can also find trash items while exploring or cleaning up around the island.

Once you have gathered the required materials, it's time to craft and place your Makeshift Chest. To do this, open the menu by pressing the Menu Button. Navigate to the Crafting section and look for the Makeshift Chest recipe. Hover over the recipe with your cursor and press the Left Mouse Button to craft it.

Congratulations on crafting your first chest! Now it's time to use it effectively. The crafted chest will attach to your cursor and be stored in your inventory. Find a suitable spot on your farm where you'd like to place it. Open your inventory by pressing the Inventory Button and drag and drop items from your inventory into the chest. This will help you organize your resources and keep your farm clutter-free.

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As you progress in Coral Island, more chest recipes will unlock, providing additional storage space for all your farming needs. Keep an eye out for new recipes as you explore! Having multiple chests will allow you to categorize your items and find them easily when you need them.

On Day 2, Sam will send you a mail about a Bag Upgrade available at the general Store. This upgrade will increase your personal inventory space, making it easier for you to carry more items. With a larger inventory space, you can collect more resources without constantly needing to empty your inventory into the Makeshift Chest.

Crafting and using the Makeshift Chest is a crucial step in managing your inventory and keeping your farm organized in Coral Island. With more chest recipes to unlock and a Bag Upgrade to look forward to, you'll have plenty of storage space for all your resources. Enjoy farming on the island and make the most out of your Makeshift Chest!

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