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In this short article about BitLife we will explain how to become a Panhandler in BitLife? and we will also explain what should be done with this work

What to do as a Pannhandler?

This is a side job to the Street Hustler career, which consists of asking for money as a beggar on the street of your choice, depending on the items and strategies you use to get people to donate money, you will be able to increase the amount of money you will receive. You should also keep in mind that in certain streets you can get a greater amount of money, these streets are the ones with the most traffic since a greater number of people pass through these streets and you will have more chances of getting money.

How to become a Panhandler in BitLife?

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For this it is required to go to Special Races where you will select the job as Streed Hustler, when selecting this race you will automatically be shown a menu in which you must look for the Panhandlre race, when you find it just by clicking on it you will get this race and you will be officially a Panhandlre in BitLife.

When you get a side job, you should learn how and where to get larger amounts of money, as mentioned earlier in the article, something related to the streets, because you should know that at the beginning of the job you will be able to choose which street you are going to beg on, It is recommended streets where a lot of people pass by since in these you will have greater chances of getting a larger sum of money in less time, including valuables that can be donated to you.

  In this way ends this short article in which we have explained how to become a Panhandler in BitLife?
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